Smooth BM Gold - Cat Constipation Support

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Smooth BM Gold - Cat Constipation Support


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Promotes normal elimination and softer stools in cats with occasional constipation

  • Gentle and non-irritating
  • Promotes healthy bowel tone and normal peristalsis
  • Will not cause purging or runny stools
  • Not habit-forming

Order Smooth BM Gold and help your cat maintain regular, comfortable bowel movements

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  • 2 oz (59 ml) is a 4-month supply for most cats
  • 4 oz (118 ml) is an 8-month supply for most cats

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Constipation and Your Feline

Constipation is a fairly common issue in cats, and may be caused by a number of different reasons. It may be due to something that your cat has eaten and can’t digest, or a change in their diet. Either way, they feel uncomfortable and can use your help in easing their discomfort.

What is Smooth BM Gold?

Smooth BM Gold is a natural, herbal formula that supports gastrointestinal health and normal stools. The traditional name of the herbs in this formula, "Triphala," literally means “three fruits” and is used for supporting regular bowel tone and normal cleansing of the GI tract. This herbal combination is gentle and will not cause diarrhea or loose, watery stools, and is not habit-forming.

What is Smooth BM Gold used for?

The herbs in Smooth BM Gold work to ease constipation by promoting softer stools and easier, more comfortable elimination. They help to naturally tone the bowel to encourage regular peristalsis, the normal, wave-like impulses of the intestines that propel ingested food and waste products forward for elimination. They also support the action of the liver and gallbladder in the digestive and elimination process. 

Rather than being a bulking agent or causing purging by irritating the colon lining, Smooth BM Gold works gently and will not deplete your pet's strength or energy. The herbs in Smooth BM Gold provide nutritive value and can be used long-term to support healthy bowel tone and elimination. Also consider including a high-quality, daily probiotic supplement in your pet's diet to support digestive health, ongoing.

Why choose Smooth BM Gold for your feline friend?

  • Certified Organic: This formula is entirely prepared from certified, organically grown herbs. All raw materials are tested for identification and purity.
  • Good Manufacturing Practices: All our formulas are manufactured in a facility that adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Full-Spectrum Extract: The full biochemical spectrum of the herbs is preserved to ensure optimal potency of the extract. 
  • Every Batch Tested: Every batch of our Smooth BM Gold is tested to ensure the highest quality and potency. Every single batch.
  • FDA-Registered Facility: Our manufacturing facility is FDA-registered. Strict quality control procedures are meticulously monitored.
  • FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine Guidelines: complies with the provisions of the CVM's good guidance practices for pet dietary supplements. All ingredients and caution statements adhere to these national guidelines.
  • It's Guaranteed: In addition to the superior quality of our products, you are also protected by our Five-Star Experience or it's FREE guarantee.

Who makes Smooth BM Gold?

Smooth BM Gold is made by Pet Wellbeing, founded in 2001.

Our goal? To bring the wisdom and experience of our caring holistic veterinarians to your pet. When your pet is healthy, you are happy.

To fulfill our vision, our on-staff, holistic veterinarians have developed formulas using time-honored, traditional uses of herbs, integrated with the latest scientific research. It is our aim to produce the best products for your pet that we can.

Administer Smooth BM Gold twice daily:

  • Under 13.6 kg (30 lbs): Give one drop per 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of body weight

Shake well before use. Does not require refrigeration.

*Please note: The above amount is intended as a guideline only. Every animal will respond somewhat differently; you may gradually increase or decrease the amount needed, as appropriate.

BEST way to give drops: Add drops to a small portion of a favourite food or treat and ensure the entire amount is consumed. We recommend administration of the drops in a way that your cat will like best.


  • Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven.  
  • If animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian.  
  • An examination from a veterinarian is recommended prior to using this product.
  • Not for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

Smooth BM is Formulated With:

  • Haritaki fruit (Terminalia chebula):  This tall south Asian tree produces a deeply ridged fruit that is picked when still green.  It is best known for its use in digestion and is also considered a gentle “restorative” for circulatory and respiratory systems.  It has been used for flatulence.
  • Amalaki fruit (Phyllanthus officinalis):  An edible fruit, Amalaki (Amla) is also sold under the name Indian Gooseberry.  Its high Vitamin C content contributes to its nutritive value and it has been used to support the liver, healthy triglyceride levels and digestion.
  • Bibhitaki fruit (Terminalia bellirica):  The third component in the Triphala formula, this fruit has wide uses for digestion but also has applications in the lungs, for the skin, liver and throat.

... 501 mg per ml (167 mg/ml of each ingredient)

Herbs are certified organic.

Inactive ingredients: Deionized water, natural flavouring, vegetable glycerin.